Appellation Earth uses Blockchain and IoT to track the authenticity of its wines

According to a Blockchain asset tracking article by Everledger half the French wine in China is believed to be fake, 20% -30% of worldwide $30B of wine sold annually are mislabeled (probably fake) and 30% of all alcohol consumed world-wide is fake. 

NFC Lebel used on each bottle of wine

Appellation Earth uses NFC (Near Field Communications) labels manufactured by Avery Denison on its bottles of wine. Avery Dennison’s Intelligent Labels are a suite of IOT-enabling technologies that authenticate product history and enable tracking. The labels identify each bottle, its origin, when grapes were harvested, when bottled, mix of grapes used, alcohol content and the bottle serial number.The NFC label transmits its information to a smartphone whenever the smartphone is brought to within 4 inches of the label. The labels have no batteries and draw power in order to transmit the information to a smartphone from the smartphone itself using a process called induction. The smartphone’s Blue Tooth signal essentially powers the NFC chip which is part of the label giving it enough power to transmit the information to the smartphone.

Using Everledger Blockchain platform each bottle is tracked through a supply chain delivering a chain of custody data.

Smartphone scan identifies the wine. (Image courtesy Everledger)


Consumer can compare the image with the bottle in hand to check authenticity (Image courtesy Everledger)

A consumer can use a smartphone to scan the label and get a picture of the bottle as it was originally produced and verify if the bottle in their hand is what the winery produced. Any discrepancy can be traced using the Blockchain and identify its source. Full story…