Are you finding what you need?

As technology experts with decades of international experience in the field, we know from experience that just because a company can optimize a website for search doesn’t mean it can deliver the solution you need. And the best solutions don’t always come from the biggest suppliers.

The 180FIND Solution allows you to avoid the high pressure sales tactics so common on the web today. You can view the product descriptions that answer your questions, see how other buyers rate a particular supplier and, when you’re ready, engage the supplier of your choice.

We found the vendors for you

180FIND levels the playing field to deliver buyers of business technology products and services the hard-to-find-but-completely-amazing products and services that you can chose from. We’ve looked at hundreds of thousands of web pages and hand-selected the 1,200 in the mobile technology sector alone that we felt initially would be a good fit for the buyers who visit our site. All you have to do is review our pre-qualified list of suppliers for the product or service you need.

If you would like to register as an anonymous buyer of business technology products, platforms or services, please register today so you can 180FIND it!