15 Examples of how Banks and Financial Services Companies are using RPA

Banking & Financial Services companies have been busy automating some of their repetitive front and back office functions using bots. Here is a rundown of few examples of how bots are being used and the results achieved so far. Covid PPP loan processing: Rapid River Bank used bots built in 36 hours to automate the … Read more

Bank deployed 150 RPA bots to automate customer facing processes

Santander Consumer Bank deployed 150 Automation Anywhere bots to automate 4 customer facing processes:  Car loan applications, bank account management, customer service requests and loan payment management were automated. “Before RPA, processing car loans was a manual task. After automation, customers could see the updated balance right away. Customers, wanting to sell their car, could … Read more

How Ginne Mae is using RPA

ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) calculated and posted to a General Ledger daily by bots created at Ginni Mae. Ginnie Mae (Government National Mortgage Association) is using UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to calculate daily ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) rates, to perform daily updates of the Ginnie Mae General Ledger and to assist with commitment authority … Read more

Mortgage loan processing automated

Mortgage loan processing automated by KeyBank using intelligent bots from Automation Anywhere. Mortgage loan application processing requires a complex process of data collection and verification. Applicant information along with third party documents such as appraisals and flood certifications, various look-ups and comparisons must be processed. This work is traditionally performed by trained employees. KeyBank with … Read more

Mortgage loan pre-qualification automated using Nividous AI based bots.

Loan pre-qualification involved manual validation of documents submitted by an applicant. Applications were received by email requiring staff to open emails, download attachments and examine forms submitted by a customer. This was a time consuming and error prone process. The Nividous bot monitors incoming emails, opens them, extracts information provided by a loan applicant and … Read more