Workmen’s Compensation Trust reduces processing time with automation

Workmen’s Compensation Trust located in Connecticut was able to reduce processing time for workers’ compensation bills from 60-90 days, down to just 24-48 hours using AP automation software from Artsyl. Workmen’s compensation claims process involves handling various documents including medical bills and other forms. They sorted, routed and manually entered the received information for 4,000 … Read more

Health insurance company automated its process using RPA solution

HGS who provides services to insurance companies automated Enrollment, Commercial Claim processing and Healthcare Product preparation for insurance clients using Automation Anywhere bots.  “Member Enrollment  Average handling time per enrollment reduced from 15 minutes to 10 1⁄2 minutes Quality improved, reaching 99.97 percent Productivity improved by 30 percent Commercial Claims Testing Audit  Manual effort reduced … Read more

Digital Employee

“Digital Employees” from Olive are used in healthcare to improve Revenue cycle management, patient screening and data entry at a Covid-19 testing facility and to automate multiple workflows previously performed by humans. 40 healthcare organizations with over 600 hospitals in 41 states embarked on Digital Transformation and are already using Olive’s AI based bots to … Read more