Software company uses AI to increase its B2B Sales

ClickDimensions a Marketing Automation Software maker understands the value of automation and Artificial Intelligence in the B2B selling process. They sell their solution to a variety of businesses who are looking to improve the ROI of their marketing spend. They describe their solution as Our marketing automation solution includes essential marketing tools like email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms and landing pages, social marketing and more to help our customers attract more leads, close more sales and more effectively engage customers.”

When it comes to B2B sales however, they turned to XANT to increase the productivity of their sales reps. 

Xant uses “Collective Intelligence” on salesperson-customer interaction it collects from customers using its system. The data is sanitized so as to remove proprietary information and used to feed AI algorithms that extract buyer and sales rep behaviors that work (or don’t work we assume). Here are some of the fruits of “Collective Intelligence”:

  • Identifies best individual at a target company to contact by a sales rep
  • Information on this person’s buying influence in the past and the $ value of purchases
  • % likelihood this person will answer their phone
  • % likelihood this person opens unsolicited email
  • Average amount of time & number of attempts it takes to connect
  • Verifies phone number accuracy (“knows” what worked for other reps)
  • Verifies email that won’t bounce
  • Proposes best times to suggest for a conversation
  • Identifies other people that are usually involved in a buying process at the target 
  • Generates a pre-recorded introductory message that has the highest probability to engage
  • Generates an email that has the highest probability to engage


While this is a description of features listed on Xant website and one must check how well they work, this list shows the potential of AI in B2B sales. A McKinsey study suggests that by 2030 companies who adopt AI in their business operations (not just sales) will see a 130% increase in their cash flow and those that do not will see a 23% decline.