Can RPA benefit your business?


TruBot - Enterprise grade, multi-skilled bot

TruBot “… automates a range of simple as well as complex processes. With our TruBot RPA solution anybody, even a business user with absolutely no programming knowledge, can design bots with the click of a button.”


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Who are the target customers?

Broad range of businesses.

How are the problems solved?

  • TruBot Designer: “…  is a workflow designer application that is used to create customized bots in a fast and easy manner. Business users who do not have any programming knowledge need to simply record the activities, or drag‑and‑drop ready-to-use components from the Smart Library to form a fully functional bot.
  • TruBot Cockpit: “… you can schedule jobs, allocate bot stations on-the-run, monitor bot ecosystem health check, keep a tab on particular jobs in progress and do all things required to effectively manage your RPA program.”
  • TruBot Station: “… is a physical or virtual machine where the bot is actually deployed. TruBot Cockpit assigns a bot to a particular station based on its availability, access to applications on which process is going to run and bot station health. The best part about TruBot is it creates digital workforce which is scalable through multiple desktop ghosting.”

What is unique about the solution?

  • Low code designing with 200+ inbuilt component library 

  • Integrated Intelligent Data Capture

  • AI capabilities

Use Examples.

  • “1000+ processes automated”
  • Healthcare: “25+ use examples such as: Claims Management, Medical Billing, Remote Consultation, Patient Registration and Physician Credentialing”
  • Transportation & Logistics: “50+ use examples such as: Fuel Statement OCR, Accident Repair Bills and Scheduling & Tracking”
  • Financial Services: “ 30+ use cases such as: Dividend Processing, Online Mutual Fund Registration, Redemption Processing and Client On Boarding.”
  • Other industries supported: Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance Retail, e-Commerce, Telecom, Real Estate and Education.

Expected ROI.


Product Category: Operations, Administration, Accounting

Tags: Pre-built, No-code, Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Bots, No-code, Pre-built
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Can RPA benefit your business?



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