“Stride leverages artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to enable organizations to implement intelligent automation.Our craft of augmenting human capital with artificial intelligence sets us apart.”


Company Name: Stride

Web site: https://stride.ai

Who are the target customers?

Financial institutions: banks, mortgage lenders.

How are the problems solved?

  • Document Processing Suite: Extract, process, and analyze data from structured, unstructured, digital, scanned documents. 


  • Web Processing Suite: Extracts and processes web site data.
  • Natural Language Understanding: “Our platform supports 9 different languages, making it truly global.”

What is unique about the solution?

9 languages, AI, Natural Language Processing, pre-built applications

Use Examples.

  • Commercial lending: “Reduced the information processing time from 2 hours to 5 minutes – 96% time saved.” “Reduced the quality check time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes – 84% time saved.”
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): “Reduced the information processing time from 3 hours to 15 minutes – 92% time saved.” “Provides an audit trail encapsulating entire case execution history and evidence.”
  • Mortgage Loan Processing:An application that enables automated processing of the digital or scanned mortgage documents, extracting relevant information in a fraction of time compared to manual process. There is a direct integration with all involved tools that rely on this information for decision making. The solution also is API ready for better integration.”

Expected ROI.


Product Category: Administration, Financial Service

Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Pre-built


Artificial Intelligence, Pre-built
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