“… automate processes involving complex documents by combining the power of RPA with natively embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities using Nividous Smart Bots. The cognitive capabilities such as Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Predictive Analysis give Nividous Smart Bots the ability to classify, extract and validate data from any type of document, application or database.


Company Name: Nividous

Web site: https://nividous.com

Who are the target customers?

Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing,, Life Sciences

How are the problems solved?

Studio: “… intuitive, drag-and-drop interface and configuration of components instead of coding.”

Attended Bots: “… work alongside humans to deliver attended automation. They reside at an employee’s workstation and can be invoked by her to automate tasks as per need. Typically targeted toward front-office operations, they assist agents in real-time for speedy actions.”

Unattended Bots: “… execute tasks and interact with applications independent of human touch. They automate high-volume, transaction-based activities, and processes at scale. They can be scheduled to self-start, stop, and run either in physical or virtual environments.”

Dashboard: “… allowing real-time monitoring of Bots with a detailed audit trail and access control. “

What is unique about the solution?

“All of this work can be done without the need for data scientists or other scarce specialists and no expensive third-party components are required.”

What are the business benefits?

Typical of RPA

Use Examples. 

  • Large Insurance company: “Saved 6,000 staff-hours, reduced turnaround time by 50% and human errors by 100%”
  • Stock Brokerage company: “… reduced processing time by 65%, errors by 85% and human effort by 90%”
  • Eyecare group: “Saves 1,500 man-hours per month with Nividous RPA Bots”

Expected ROI.


Product Category: Finance, Admin 

Tags: AI, Low-code, Pre-built, Data Extraction

Artificial Intelligence, Data Extraction, Low-code, Pre-built
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