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NEVA - Employee virtual attendant

AI based desktop automation platform. NEVA “…the first ever virtual attendant designed specifically with the employee in mind, for the front and back office. Whether your employee needs help during a call with a customer, or as they’re working on a lengthy offline process – simply Leave it to NEVA!

The NICE Virtual workforce comprises software robots that are installed on back-end servers, with the capabilities to take over all the repetitive, admin driven processes facing the human workforce everyday.

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Who are the target customers?

Wide range of enterprises

How are the problems solved?

  • Personal Assistant: NEVA is every employee’s personal assistant. She helps to get any admin task done right on time.  
  • Intelligent: NEVA is super intelligent. She understands what the employee wants to achieve by observing and interpreting their desktop activities and responding to voice or text requests.
  • Interactive: “ NEVA can be activated by chat, voice or automatically triggered by an employee screen action”
  • A digital sales person: “ … works in the background to arm your employees with rich customer insights. She prompts employees with relevant sales promotions or offers based on a customer’s unique history including purchases and interactions’

What is unique about the solution?

AI, focused on desktop automation

Use Examples.

 NEVA helps your employees’ performance by:

  • Providing real-time guidance and next-best- action recommendations
  • Delivering rich, contextual data, directly to the employee’s desktop, drawn from multiple systems
  • Offering on-screen compliance prompts
  • Executing routine tasks, on behalf of the
    employee, quickly and accurately
  • Enabling great customer service with a human touch

Expected ROI.


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Can RPA benefit your business?



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