This is a Robotics Process Automation platform with pre-built tools designed to automate Accounts Payable, Human Resources and Claims Processing business functions.


Company Name: Kryon

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Who are the target customers?

Fortune 500 companies, Call Centers, Finance, Insurance & Telecom, Healthcare

How are the problems solved?

  • Discovery: “Kryon discovery robots run unobtrusively on employee desktops collecting data on manual processes and creating a process map.”
  • Analysis tools let you: “ Choose exactly which subprocesses and variants to include in your automation project”
  • Kryon Studio: “Build the flow of your automation with a drag-and-drop visual interface. Our Studio offers over 200 commands allowing you to create loops and conditions, run programs, execute script and database queries, manipulate Excel files, send and receive emails and much more.”

What is unique about the solution?

Drag & Drop design features. AI-powered.

  • Unattended Robots: “Kryon Unattended Robots run on a virtual server and execute assigned tasks on target applications.”
  • Attended Robots: “… automate tasks that cannot be fully offloaded to Unattended Robots. For example, tasks which require human intervention.”

What are the business benefits?

Typical of RPA

Use Examples. 


Expected ROI.


Product Category: Finance, Admin, H/R,  

Tags: Insurance, Claims Processing, Drag & Drop, AI , Self Learning

Artificial Intelligence, Claims Processing, Drag & Drop, Insurance, Self Learning
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