Offers pre-built “digital workers” (RPA bots) to automate the following functions: Order Management IQWorker, General Ledger IQWorker, Supplier Onboarding IQWorker, Supply Chain IQWorker, Treasury IQWorker, Vendor Statement Reconciliation IQWorker, Accounts Payable IQWorker, Contacts IQWorker.

Company Name: HighIq

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Who are the target customers?

Broad range of enterprises

How are the problems solved?

Pre-built bots available on AWS Marketplace.

“HighIQ on AWS marketplace gives the best of both worlds. We will get to try and buy HighIQ’s ready to run Digital workers and enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing, and merged billing through AWS Marketplace as a part of our cloud spend. Clearly, digital workers and intelligent automation solutions have become critical to supplement the human workforce in the age of COVID. Using a proven solution such as HighIQ through a trusted source such as the AWS marketplace is a paradigm shift in the way we will try and buy solutions in the future.”

Norman Osumi – Sr. Director at Norton LifeLock

What is unique about the solution?

Pre-built, cloud based, try and buy options

Use Examples.

See “What Problems do they Solve” above for a list of pre-built bots.

Expected ROI.


Product Category: Finance

Tags: Pre-built, Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Pre-built
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