Can RPA benefit your business?


DocuClipper - Software to automate your document workflows

Digitizing documents.

  • “Automatically extract data from bank statements, invoices, tax forms & more. Scanned or digital.”
  • “Extract data from any scanned or digital PDF bank statement and send it to Excel & QuickBooks.”
  • “Quickly get hundreds of pages of W-2s, 1099s or any other scanned or digital tax form in Excel.”
  • “Automatically populate tax forms, statements, invoices or any other PDF document with Excel data.”

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Who are the target customers?

Small and medium businesses.

How are the problems solved?

DocuClipper uses OCR technology and can pull data from any digital or scanned document.

What is unique about the solution?

$99/mo for SMB customers

Use Examples.

500+ customers 

Expected ROI.


Product Category: Finance, Administration, Customer Service, 
Tags: Digitizing  Data, Structured, Unstructured, Data Extraction, Data Conversion,

Customer Service
Data Conversion, Data Extraction, Digitization, Unstructured Data
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Can RPA benefit your business?



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