Automation of Accounts Payable, HR and Sales Order Processing using “DocStar IDC (Intelligent Data Capture) technology which eliminates labor-intensive, error-prone and time-consuming manual document processing. “  “Over 2,000 organizations trust DocStar to deliver smart enterprise content management, document management, automated Accounts Payable and electronic forms technology to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase business insight.”


Company Name: DocStar 

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Who are the target customers?

“Our customers represent every industry including insurance, financial services, healthcare, real estate/property management, manufacturing, legal, non-profit, education, banking/financial institutions and the public sector.”

How are the problems solved?

“DocStar AP Automation’s powerful workflow engine is supported with an easy to use graphical workflow designer, so anyone can create workflows—no advanced technical skills required.

  • Automatically and accurately capture and process vendor invoices
  • Improve accuracy with automated two- and three-way matching
  • Speed procure-to-pay processing time
  • Reduce AP processing costs
  • Gain better business insight with visibility into the entire AP process
  • Integrate with ERP, accounting and HR further improve productivity”

What is unique about the solution?

Large installed base, Intelligent Data Capture

“DocStar AP Automation integrates with any ERP or accounting system to eliminate “stare & compare” and duplicate data entry, and makes it easy to retrieve data, review invoices, and push them along the AP workflow—automatically.”

Use Examples. 

  • Crescent Crown Distributing: “The 10th largest beverage distributor in the United States, Crescent Crown Distributing sells and delivers over 26 million.” “ Combining intelligent data capture with the powerful workflow engine in DocStar AP Automation, Crescent Crown imports and automatically routes invoices so each VP has immediate access to unpaid invoices that require his/her approval.”
  • DRA Imaging: “DRA Imaging is a full service medical diagnostic imaging facility offering a complete and comprehensive list of diagnostic and interventional radiological services. DRA Imaging processes approximately 12,000 AP invoices annually.  DocStar ECM ‘s Intelligent Data Capture feature captures the invoice image, extracts key invoice data including line items, and performs sophisticated tax calculations and verifications.” “Then the invoice is routed to an approval workflow that is accessible to all approvers wherever they are via a simple browser and internet access.”


Expected ROI.


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