Can RPA benefit your business?


Assistedge - Cohesive scalable automation platform

“A highly scalable, secure, intelligent, and innovative RPA platform”, “An end-to-end platform for implementing RPA”, “Has 120+ implementations with the integration of RPA with chatbots and email bots” ,“Over 80+ use cases where AI/ML algorithms trigger RPA bots”


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Who are the target customers?

Large enterprises

How are the problems solved?

  •  AssisteEdge Discover:  “… non-intrusively capturing human-machine interactions … leveraging AI … creating actionable process insights … “
  • AssistEdge Engage: “  AssistEdge Engage combines rich capabilities of AI and automation, improving agent productivity by automating repetitive tasks, cross-sell and upsell by offering rich customer context, improving agent morale and agent learnability.”  

What is unique about the solution?

AI, self learning

Use Examples. 

  • Cisco: “AssistEdge helped Cisco provide the best experience possible for its customers and partners, enabling digitization, simplifying and automating processes in the system.”
  • Telecom Malaysia: “… AssistEdge has played a pivotal role in automating processes, driving efficiency and productivity across the customer service centers of Telekom Malaysia and has significantly reduced the average call handling time, resulting in enhanced customer experience.”


Expected ROI.


Product Category: Customer Service, Finance, Accounting

Tags: AI, Machine Learning, Self Learning


Customer Service
Artificial Intelligence, Self Learning
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Can RPA benefit your business?



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