Can RPA benefit your business?


AirSlate - No-code Bot automation for any workflow

Use no-code airSlate Bots to automate routing, approvals, data analytics, and notifications. Set up Bots in minutes to trigger on specific events or transfer information once data is received.


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Who are the target customers?

All businesses

How are the problems solved?

Sample Bots:

  • Document Generation: 
    • Create professional documents and pre-populate them with data taken from multiple sources.
    • Automate the process of creating agreements, contracts, reports, and forms. Generate modifiable documents or PDFs with fillable fields. 
    • Connect document templates to your systems of record using no-code airSlate Bots.


  • Sales Invoice:
    • The Sales Invoice Flow is used by Sales departments to create and approve sales invoices before sending them to customers.
    • Pre-fill Sales Invoice fields from a CRM, Spreadsheet or database records
    • Extract data from Sales Invoice to a CRM, Spreadsheet or database

What is unique about the solution?

  • No-code
  • 100+ pre-built Bots
  • Configure and run no-code airSlate Bots in minutes

What are the business benefits?

Typical of RPA

Use Examples.


Expected ROI.


Category: Customer Service, Accounting, Administration

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Can RPA benefit your business?



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