Cerillion Business Solutions

Cerillion Technologies provides a complete business support solution for mobile communications providers supporting all major business functions and processes from customer management to network integration, and from partner management to internal business operations.

Cerillion Technologies provides business solutions that delivers all the benefits of prepaid-postpaid convergence:

  • Market Level Convergence – Convergent product catalogue supports unified marketing campaigns to the entire customer base
  • Customer Level Convergence – Convergent customer management enables the same level of service for all customers and supports mixed account hierarchies such as “family accounts”
  • Service Level Convergence – Convergent rating and balance management supports full pricing transparency including postpaid spending control and hybrid prepaid/postpaid services
  • Resource Level Convergence – Convergent mediation and session control improves time to market and revenue assurance

Open APIs make it easy to integrate Cerillion with external systems, with many interfaces already existing and proven in customer installations. Typical interfaces include for Network Switches and Intelligent Network / Application Platforms, General Ledger / ERP systems, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Credit Checking, Banks and Credit Card authorisations.

Mobile solution components:

See also Cerillion Skyline, a powerful cloud (SaaS) billing application for the next generation of subscription and usage-based services to support from a few thousand to many millions of subscriptions and is available for both public cloud and private cloud deployments.
Company: Cerillion Technologies Ltd.
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