Mobile Application Development

At Aziti we specialize in developing Native iOS, Native Android and Native PhoneGap based mobile applications. Ourrecent key preoject for the enterprise and gaming applications tends towards the use PhoneGap based technology. 


Our Vision

In our company we love building startup projects for our clients. There is nothing more exciting than to watch a startup project succeed. We want to be part of it, and we can help by developing great software.

We Deliver The Hard Part

We usually receive sophisticated requirements from our clients. We make complex tasks easy to understand. Our project teams can solve the most unusual and difficult problems – often where other software developers could not.

Our Vision

Realistic estimates. Our estimates are technically detailed and analytically mature. Flexible approach. We iterate, advice on changes, and guide you to your delivery goal. We make software development practical and flexible. Talented Teams. We simply hire best people. Long-term relationships. Our success depends on long-term relationship with customers and referrals.

From Idea to Web & Mobile Development

Not sure how to implement your business idea? Need to know how much does it cost to build it? We help and support our clients at all stages of the development project. We do research, verify business model, and advice on a technical solution.

Quick Prototyping and Development

Your prototype will be rapidly delivered to assess the project value. We release a subset of functional features at the end of each iteration.

Reliable Deployment

Dedicated, virtual server or cloud, low or high-traffic, our engineers will research and advise on the best deployment scenario and implement it reliably.

Support and maintenance

Our clients are never left alone after the product launch. We support, resolve any issues or scale to handle increasing traffic.

Company: Azati
Location: Livingston, NJ
Contact name: Jon