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What We Do Best: Expense Management Optimizition for Inventory and Expenses

Given the complexities of wireless telecommunications expense management (TEM), controlling the corporate usage and variable costs of wireless devices like iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and tablets can be a challenge.

Working within your existing environment with your current equipment and vendors, mindWireless achieves significant, measurable reductions through detailed statistical analysis of the user data. We offer proven mobile resource management  solutions by examining the wireless practices of the organization from a comprehensive perspective and consider a variety of options to optimize savings.

For mindWireless, mobile resource management and TEM includes:

  • Inventory Management: Learn what devices are actually enrolled, and who’s using them
  • Wireless Device Procurement: Customized portal enables employees to order approved devices and rate plans
  • Rate Plan Optimization: Save 17 to 40% on your annual wireless telecom expenses through rate plan optimization and monthly management
  • Allocation & Reporting: Expense allocation tracking via a variety of pre-programmed or customized monthly usage reports via our proprietary telecom billing software.
  • Administrative Support: Hand off the time-consuming paperwork of bill reconciliation, validation and payment
  • Branded Help Desk: Improve the end-user experience with a single point-of-contact, available 24/7, to handle all questions and resolve issues faster across all carriers. An educated help desk is not to be underestimated in enterprise mobile solutions.
  • Expense Management: Outsource your entire wireless program management and focus solely on driving your business.

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