Your Product Description For Business Leaders

What is it: Research shows that business automation initiatives are most often initiated by business managers. This is especially so in case of Small and Medium size businesses. We are creating a directory of automation products to help them discover what is possible.

Why we’re doing this: Business leaders understand their business needs for automation but they seldom know technology and find it difficult to identify automation vendors who can help them. We are creating this directory to help such managers identify appropriate automation vendors and invite them to provide solutions.

Why you should care: We have reviewed information on your website and elsewhere and presented it in our directory. We believe that you can improve your company’s product description we created and that it is in your best interest to do so.

Your product information: The main objective of each product description listed on this website is to answer 5 key questions that senior business executives have when they perform initial exploratory search for new products that may be suitable for their business. Each product description must answer these key questions with clarity and provide additional supporting information identified in this template.

Please follow the instructions defined in each of the product description section below. Please be specific in your descriptions and avoid marketing type of descriptions.

Company Name: Your company name

Web site: Your company website

  1. What problem does your product solve/s?
    • Clearly describe what specific problem/s your product was designed to solve.
    • Use examples of problems your product solves
    • Include an illustration where helpful to describe the problems this product solves
  2. How are the problems solved?
    • Describe using a business context how this product solves the problems identified above. For example, the product automates a specific task, uses learning technology, etc.
    • There is no need to provide technical description of the product.
    • Add an illustration where appropriate to help explain the product concept
  3. Who are the target customers?
    • In this section identify specific type/s of users this product is designed for. For example, identify which specific business function/s (e.g. accounting, customer support, operations, etc.) , industry vertical/s your product is intended for. If your product  is targeting multiple functions and industries, please state that clearly.
  4. What is unique about the solution?
    • Describe what is unique about this product as compared to similar products available on the market. For example, is your product use a different concept to solving problems, uses AI (Artificial Intelligence), uses robotics, low or no code required, simple to deploy, etc.)
  5. What are the business benefits?
    • Describe key benefits target users and businesses can expect from using this product. For example, automates people tasks, improves accuracy, increases transaction completion speed, performs new tasks, etc.

Use Examples.

  • Use example use cases to explain where this product was deployed e.g. type of business/s, industries and identify;
      • Typical deployment effort that was required
      • How is this product used by these businesses and what are their experiences

Expected ROI.

  • What ROI (Return On Investment) can a business expect from using this product. For example, state known and quantifiable benefits in;
    • Task/s improvements and/or automations
    • Specific cost savings and provide examples from businesses (no need to name them) that have realized these savings
    • Any other benefits


  • State if this product is targeted to a specific category of business functions? For example, Administration, Accounting, HR, customer support, etc.