Mobile Wireless & Satellite Backhaul

Mobile Wireless Satellite Backhaul


Advantech Wireless is the leading wireless broadband communications solution provider for Commercial, Critical Infrastructure & Government and Militaryclients. 

We design turnkey terrestrial and satellite communications solutions that maximize performance and minimize operational costs, all with uncompromising quality.

Product description

Mobile Wireless Communications & Satellite Backhaul


Freedom to Achieve Global Reach with Mobile Wireless Solutions

In today’s world, citizens of all ages expect to be permanently connected on every device, and able to communicate via voice and data, no matter how remote their location may be. Providing such network coverage in areas where usage can be unpredictable and irregular is an expensive challenge for network operators. Advantech Wireless can implement smarter solutions using cellular backhaul over satellites that can help such operators achieve their global reach by directing resources to where they are needed most.

Overcome Topography and Distance Limitations with Satellite Backhaul

In remote areas where long distances or rugged topography interfere with transmission, traditional terrestrial backhaul networks can be cost-prohibitive. This makes satellite backhaul the best option. Advantech Wireless solutions deliver cost-effective cellular backhaul over satellite, connecting people in the farthest corners of the world. As an expert in satellite backhaul solutions, Advantech Wireless’ technologies are used all over the world to improve connectivity to remote and rural areas. We are constantly aware of the challenges network operators face and know how critical it is to connect rural communities. 

Advantech Wireless’ Smarter Satellite Backhaul Solutions Provide:

  • Ubiquitous satellite coverage
  • Can be deployed rapidly, allowing fast service rollout and revenue generation
  • Independence from competitive carriers, from whom terrestrial lines must be leased
  • Supports GSM, UMTS and CDMA, as well as combines 2G, 2.5G and 3G & 4G LTE networks
  • Enables additional revenue streams by allowing profitable deployment of EDGE broadband data services in low density and remote areas
  • DVB-RCS/S2 solutions with Abis optimization overcomes bandwidth inefficiencies of traditional Abis GSM and SCPC implementations
  • Bandwidth on demand capacity reduces OPEX by only using bandwidth when it is required
  • IP-enabled, providing excellent bandwidth efficiencies and allowing the addition of IP-based services, such as internet access, VoIP, WiFi, WiMax and LTE
  • Ideal solution for applications such as disaster recovery and mobile events with the use of suitable equipped vans
  • Overall bandwidth utilization is based on that of the entire network, which is further reduced using higher order modulations, Abis optimization, bandwidth on demand and shared bandwidth, dramatically reducing associated costs

Advantech Wireless’ Mobile Wireless and Satellite Backhaul Innovations Include:

  • KR Series
  • Discovery Hub 100
  • Satellite Terminals
  • Modem AMT 75
  • Indoor GaN SSPA/SSPB

Freedom to Reach Farther with Smarter Mobile Solutions

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