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Corporate Security Solutions

Corporate Security Solutions


Absolute provides persistent endpoint security and data risk management solutions for computers, tablets, and smartphones. Our customers depend on us to provide them with a unique and trusted layer of security so they can manage mobility while remaining firmly in control.

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Corporate Security Solutions



Organizations around the world rely on Absolute for endpoint security and data risk management.

Encryption, while important, is not enough to protect sensitive corporate information. Even with this “best practice” in place, some of the biggest companies in the world have suffered high profile data breaches.

Absolute Software, powered by Persistence technology, provides you with visibility and control over all of your devices, regardless of user or location. If an Absolute software client is removed from an endpoint, it will automatically reinstall so you can secure each device and the sensitive data it contains. No other technology can do this.

Stay connected to each device and remain compliant with data breach notification laws and data protection regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, the Gramm Leach-Bliley Act, the Data Protection Act, and others.


  • Persistence technology offers confidence that your devices and—the data they contain—are secure
  • Cross-platform solutions to suit your deployments and BYOD polices
  • Security and compliance certifications to meet stringent regulatory standards
  • Cloud-based or on-premise deployment options for greater control over your environment


Our customers trust us as a proven partner and a technology leader in persistent endpoint security and management.

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