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Battery Technology

Battery Technology


Advanced energy materials to power your mobile life. Our silicon-graphene composites enable longer lasting, faster charging batteries.

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Current battery technology cannot meet the energy and power demands of today's on-the-go consumer.




Over the past two decades Lithium-ion batteries have become the primary technology powering the rapid growth of portable electronics and more recently electric vehicles. However, current battery chemistries have hit a plateau in performance improvements and are unable to meet consumer demand for ever increasing range, power, and cycling stability.

Our silicon-graphene composites enable longer lasting, faster charging batteries.


SiNode technology utilizes a composite of silicon and graphene in a layered structure, which was developed, optimized, and patented by our team working in collaboration with researchers at Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory.

Whereas current graphite-based anodes offer a capacity of 372 mAh/g, SiNode material can be customized to achieve capacities between 1000 mAh/g and over 2500 mAh/g, delivering higher cell level energy density. In addition, in-plane nano-engineered porosity is introduced to the graphene layers, allowing rapid ionic diffusion through the structure for faster charging.


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