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4G Chip Solutions

4G Chip Solutions


Sequans Communications is a leading developer and supplier of single-mode LTE chipset solutions that are highly cost and power efficient.

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Since its founding, Sequans has focused entirely on the development of 4G chip solutions and over the course of nine years has developed and delivered six generations of steadily advancing 4G technology.  Sequans’ solutions reflect this deep experience.

LTE Sequans offers two LTE product families targeting two distinct segments of the LTE end user device market:  1) StreamrichLTE products are for the high performance LTE devices market; and 2) StreamliteLTE products are for the Internet connected devices market.

StreamrichLTE product family

Cassiopeia LTE-Advanced Platform, based on SQN3220 baseband SOC For high performing, feature-rich LTE devices, Cassiopeia is a powerful LTE-A solution, providing extraordinary carrier aggregation capability, allowing the combination of any two carriers of any size of to 20 MHz each for a total of 40 MHz. Cassiopeia also supports eICIC, eMBMS, enhanced MIMO, RCS and VoLTE. 3GPP Release 10 compliant.

Mont Blanc LTE Platform and SQN3120 baseband SOC For high performing, feature rich desktop CPE and hostless USB dongles. Features all the capabilities of Andromeda plus an integrated, customer-programmable applications processor.

Mont Blanc WiMAX/LTE Platform and SQN5120 dual mode baseband SOC For dual mode WiMAX/LTE devices, supporting both WiMAX and LTE in a single die solution.

StreamliteLTE product family

Colibri LTE Platform  Colibri is optimized for Cat 4 M2M and connected devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). It delivers an ideal set of IoT-friendly features for ultra high efficiency and low cost, enabling affordable M2M and IoT devices.

Calliope LTE Platform  Calliope is optimized for Cat 1devices for the Internet of Things (IoT), such as wearables and industrial monitoring devices. It delivers an ideal set of IoT-friendly features for especially low cost / low power IoT applications.

WiMAX Sequans’ WiMAX solutions are inside the world’s leading WiMAX networks and power some of the world’s iconic WiMAX smartphones,  Sequans WiMAX chip solutions combine baseband and triple band RF on a single die.

SQN1210 WiMAX baseband plus triple band RF SOC For high performing WiMAX smartphones and tablets. Features dual independent channels downlink and uplink with a maximum likelihood MIMO decoder on the downlink and 2Tx with closed loop diversity on the uplink.

SQN1220 WiMAX baseband plus triple band RF SOC For high performing WiMAX CPE.  Features all the functionality of the SQN1210 plus an embedded CPU for VOIP/data CPE and gateways.

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