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Protocol Test Systems
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Sarokal....Radio Base Station Test System allows stimulation and tracing....Ethernet & Network Protocol Test Systems include support for the 1G, 10G, and 40G....JESD204B ADC/DAC Interface Test....CPRI Protocol......OBSAI Protocol.......FPGA prototyping...HW emulation...

Product description

Sarokal provides a range of system-level verification products for simulation and post-silicon environments. The X-STEP™ product family is based on a highly flexible architecture which allows all Radio Base Station interface protocols to share the same underlying hardware and implement most protocol framing features on software.  

Sarokal provide various X-STEP™ Test System products for module and system-level verification and validation needs. These Test Systems include the Radio Base Station Protocol Test System,JESD204B ADC/DAC Interface Test System, and Ethernet and Network Protocol Test System, for instance.

The key to the affordability, flexibility, and quick turn-around times of the supported interface protocols is that the protocol support is mostly implemented in SW, instead of custom HW with plenty of parallel logic required for high-bandwidth data processing. This is possible through smart design choices and test case optimizations, all aiming at providing the same functional testing coverage with significantly simpler HW. Furthermore, the open-source nature of the SW side ensures good customizability and makes it possible to bring customer’s own test SW and scripts into the Protocol and Interface Test System products. 



The HW architecture behind the Test Systems is highly flexible, since all supported interface protocols share the same underlying HW designed with modularity as key driver. Hence, an unlimited amount of links can be supported by simply stacking more hardware to introduce more links and memory in the test setup, knowing that all hardware units will co-operate in terms of timing synchronization and triggering. A single client workstation and UI handle the tester and test case control, making the number of actual HW boards invisible to the user.




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