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We design and engineer App Store-featured, Fortune 50 deployed, Startup-fueling mobile and web applications.

Product description

Ora believes in problem solving and creativity. We get excited about bits and bytes and we express ourselves with pixels and pencils. Our culture thrives on open minds, good music and happy clients. 


Our Process


Whether you have detailed business requirements or just an idea with a list of features, strategy is important. Ora has it's own unique agile approach to ensure flexibility and a speedy deliver. We don't have big heads, but we do have big brains and we know you do too, lets get together and use them.


We like to build early and often. You came to us for product, so that's what you're going to get. The sooner we can get working features on your device or computer screen, the sooner you can get valuable feedback or even real USERS! For our Enterprise clients, stakeholders love to touch and click progress so they can provide input… Ora's agile development style helps embrace this.


User interaction, adoption, conversion, efficiency… all of these buzz words start with user experience. Our expert designers, engineers, and information architects work feature by feature to lower friction and drive user satisfaction.


Ora can assist in all types of application deployments. We can get your Enterprise setup with one of our mobile device management solutions allowing you to securely manage your Enterprise application deployment. Our extensive startup experience also makes us great partners in getting a beta or proof of concept initiative off the ground.

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