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Alive is an award-winning application design firm with a clear vision: to create effortless mobile platform solutions for our clients’ complex business problems.  Our key channel partners include KPMG, SAP, Telstra and Vodafone Global Enterprises. Alive is also a mobile partner within the Apple Consultant Network.

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Alive Engages

At the core of our approach is analysis of your business fundamentals and engagement with your team. We know that the best results come from a solid understanding of the particular challenges that each business faces. We believe in making technology that works with your business processes, instead of making your processes work within the constraints of the technology.

Alive Simplifies & Connects

User Experience (UX) is fundamental to our applications. We see design as more than just a pretty interface, and understand that business doesn’t need another layer of complexity to provide short-term fixes to ongoing challenges. Design should convert business data into useful information for better decision-making. Great UX is as much about how things work as how they look.

Alive Refines & Evolves

Alive provides the highest level of ongoing commitment to our clients. We are not in the business of building applications and walking away. Alive stays engaged with our clients, and works with them to evaluate, evolve and adapt to meet new business challenges. Our apps are more than a tool; they are the process through which processes become perfect.



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