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In February 2015, NetCracker and NEC launched a new initiative to address the opportunities associated with SDN and NFV for service providers. This joint initiative creates a new global business brand and structure, bringing together the best of NEC’s network innovation and NetCracker’s IT leadership and telecom expertise to deliver comprehensive end-to-end SDN/NFV solutions in a multi-domain environment.

Product description

Network Management



The network remains one of the most valuable and expensive assets for any service provider. In a converged world, with multiple networks the complexity of Network Management can create significant cost and efficiency challenges. Adding home network, complex end-user devices, and IT platforms to the mix only compounds the problem. Customer expectations are also changing, and as customers become more sophisticated, they are demanding a much higher service experience, expecting no downtime and instant response for all their interactions. This requires much more sophisticated and integrated management systems than before, systems that are capable of understanding complex networks and services, and monitoring and managing them in real time. Network and element management systems that work directly with the network need to provide much more data and functionality as well as modern integration interfaces. All of this requires a new generation of network management and network assurance systems.

NetCracker Network Management

NetCracker brings NEC's strong, 30+ years of experience in network management and assurance to its complete Network Management suite.

As a part of the NetCracker BSS/OSS offering, NetCracker Network Management optimizes implementation time and costs through pre-integration with IT Service Platforms, as well as with Customer Management, Service Management, and Resource Management.

Capabilities Overview

Performance Management

  • Performance Data Collection
  • Utilization Analysis and Traffic Metrics Management
  • Performance Problem Identification and Analysis
  • Problem Resolution Tracking and Management
  • Historical Trending

Fault Management 

  • Fault Monitoring
  • Event Management
  • Alarm Management
  • Alarm Suppression and De-Duplication
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Trouble Ticket Initiation
  • NOC Dashboard and Analytics
  • Problem Identification
  • Problem Resolution Tracking and Management
  • Historical Trending

Network & Element Management System

  • Path Management
  • Automated Path Design and Activation
  • Path Status Monitoring and Visualization
  • Fault Collection and Distribution
  • Performance Event Collection and Distribution
  • Security Management
  • Upstream Systems Integration (MTOSI, OSS/J)
  • NMS/EMS Gateways (SNMP, WMI, CORBA, FTP)
  • Auto-Discovery and Registration of Managed NE


  • A comprehensive, vendor-agnostic, end-to-end management of network/IT infrastructure status greatly improves the efficiency of the fulfillment and assurance processes, and ultimately improves customer satisfaction.
  • Use of standards-based data models, processes, and integration interfaces (SID, OSS/J. MTOSI, CMDB, NGOSS) cuts integration and migration costs dramatically.
  • Integration with upstream service management systems allows for rapid root cause and customer impact identification, and pro-active network restoration and preventive maintenance.
  • The visualization of network infrastructure and relationships between different components speeds up resource provisioning, planning and design, and assurance processes.
  • Highly automated, end-to-end processes and operations prevent network downtime due to configuration updates and changes.

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