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Mobidia provides unique insights into mobile usage trends on over 200,000 mobile applications and 825 mobile networks across the world. Real usage from real users on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks provides a comprehensive and unique understanding of what people do and value in the mobile world.   

Product description

Equipping Businesses to Make Smarter Decisions

With the world's largest global sample Mobidia can provide comprehensive data on:

  • App usage
  • Network usage
  • Device usage
  • Plan usage

Whether you want to know which are the top app rankings or top mobile games, mobile consumer behavior, how network technology is changing usage behavior, or how devices are impacting user behavior, our data can provide you with the insight you need to help your business grow.

Our device-based collection approach provides a truly unique perspective on mobile subscribers that includes "off network" behavior and provides a comprehensive view of application usage. We have helped many industry leading companies including mobile operators, application developers, game publishers, and mobile metrics companies use our data to understand what, how, when, and where data usage occurs. Understanding this usage helps companies stay ahead of the game and achieve their goals.

In particular our data can help:

  • Understand specific application penetration and usage rates
  • Benchmark usage against competitors or other countries
  • Develop compelling data plans and tariffs
  • Develop or assess Wi-Fi off-load marketing and strategies
  • Understand usage differences on specific platforms, devices and LTE network
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