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MCR develops and markets mobile content products such as: games, videos, mobile apps and educational apps to end users....   a complete solution for mobile value-added services (MVAS), including development, management and distribution of content and online marketing. In addition to B2C products, the group provides a wide range of services and solutions for commercial clients and businesses (B2B), specializing in online marketing services for content providers.

Product description


MCR Media Group is one of the European leaders in the VAS industry. Providing a range of added value solutions and innovative services in over 25 countries. A unique portfolio of services include: Mobile entertainment services; Direct to Consumer content, and Online marketing and advertising. 

MCR - Mobile Content Distribution

Our content is available worldwide

With the help of our partners we are reaching consumers all over the globe.

MCR is always looking for new partnerships with worldwide traffic sources. Our exclusive, in house and high converting products will give you the best revenue and ROI from your traffic.

MCR marketing division has three main departments:

Partner / Affiliates:

Our dedicated partner affiliate team is compiled of hundreds of Partners / networks / affiliates mobile and desktop traffic worldwide. Working with all traffic sources: display, mobile, email marketing, social ,POPS, etc..

Our PPC team has experience working with all PPC platforms and campaign optimization.

We are Google qualified, Facebook partners and etc…

Media buying and platforms:

MCR’s media buying team specializes in acquiring traffic from premium traffic sources and optimization.

iBrainer is an educational and brain training tool dedicated to brain fitness. It assists users, through game experience, in improving their ability to:


  • Solve problems

  • Speed up brain response

  • Enhance memory and attention

  • Unlock learning potential


BikiniBay is mobile portal dedicated to high quality videos of models in bikini. The content list consists of hundreds of videos. The user can download these videos to their mobile device or stream them online. 

GamesMarket Portal

Games market is a premium recreation mobile website dedicated to high quality mobile games and applications. The content list consists of hundreds of titles including: action, sport, strategy and arcade games. The games are compatible with Android, J2me, Windows, IOS and HTML5 supported phones. 

Utilities Market

All the best utilities and applications to secure and customize the end user’s mobile phone.  AntiVirus, Task Killer, RAM Booster, Flashlight, Music player and lots more… 

Your Place is with US

In MCR we believe that the strength of our company is generated by the the quality of our staff.

We work together - we learn together - we succeed together.

Mobile Applications

With the popularity of mobile apps on the rise, MCR continues creating new and innovative applications for mobile devices.

With over a million downloads, dozens of apps in categories such as Trivia, IQ Tests and other games.

MCR is fully integrated with the mobile application world.

Live Jobs

Be the first to get the best job offers!

Live Jobs is a leading SMS based job recruiting portal.

The portal reaches thousands of job seekers, covering everything from freelance positions to full time employed positions for all skill levels.

This empowering portal offers endless possibilities for anyone who seeks to improve their employment status.  

You are no longer searching for work … it’s now searching for you!

Amanda Hamilton - Diet Program

UK TV star, Amanda Hamilton, a qualified and practicing nutritionist author, and broadcaster, is now on your mobile device helping you to reach your nutrition goals.

Get high value and personalized information on nutrition in order to set your goals and conquer them….Amanda will be by your side every step of the way!

Carrier Billing lets users make a purchase via their phone from compliant merchants without entering credit card data. Such transactions are typically quick (the carrier has the user's data) and relatively simple compared to other methods.

DCB offers a smooth customer experience and boasts higher conversions. Carriers have an unparalleled number of billing relationships—and the number is growing. Emerging markets present an explosive potential opportunity for DCB, and MCR knows exactly how to maximize this potential.


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