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MobFox is a one-stop mobile advertising platform that allows Publishers to get the most out of their mobile ad inventory by offering a single gateway for RTB, worldwide direct sales and in-house advertising revenue, and Advertisers to run intelligent, optimised campaigns across our network of 20,000 mobile Publishers and many of the world’s largest third party exchanges.

Product description

The MobFox Advertiser Platform allows you to buy, analyze and optimize mobile ad inventory from virtually every relevant mobile supply source on the planet.

Over 2,000 advertisers have chosen the MobFox Advertiser Platform as their primary source of supply, giving them access to a transparent, scalable programmatic buying solution to reach the right audience at the right time across more than 10 billion mobile bid opportunities daily.

Banner, Video & Native

Run multiple ad formats alongside each other and see what works best for you. In addition to mobile banner ads, we have access to billions of mobile video ad impressions daily. With our NAST Standard, we have pioneered native advertising on mobile and are one of a few that can provide native at scale. 

Data, Data, Data

Our Integrated Data Management Platform allows you to ingest your first-party data securely for audience analysis, negative targeting, and re-targeting. Batch-upload your existing audience data and ingest new data via our REST API. 

Transparent Pricing

We have a completely transparent pricing structure that is probably the most competitive in the industry, starting at a 10% margin for self-service buyers.  At MobFox, you’ll see in detail how much we’re buying every ad impression for and how much we are charging you. 

Cherry-Pick Publishers

Our Campaign Planner let’s you deep-dive into billions of banner, native and video ad impressions available across our supply partners and allows you to pre-build lists of Publishers to white- or blacklist for your campaigns. Cut-and-dice inventory reports by Exchange, Country, Device, and much more.

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