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Analytics Software For Network Management


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Product description

Analytics Software Suite for Network Management

b.lo™ is a modular analytics software platform loaded with extensive Network Operation expertise. It uniquely combines Network Performance Management excellence, with business-oriented capabilities to bring unrivalled value to operators and their end-customers.


b.lo standardizes the heterogeneous network to give unified data mart to service provider team, they can explore with tools dedicated to performance management.


An innovative data model standardizes topology and raw data coming from mobile or fixed technology, from access to core Network and service Platform infrastructure. Whatever the technologies, end users browse, mix, correlate data using the same easy to use features. It decreases resolution time, improve the transfer of knowledge, and helps building a common culture through the service providers teams.


Once raw data is collected, end users need to enrich their insight with specific information. b.lo provides data enrichment features to end users (manual) and admin (scheduled) to import cluster, events or service attributes. It helps them to handle just the information they they need for analysis, detection or prediction tasks.


b.lo provides admin and end users customizable workspace to simplify data collection and analysis : They use graphical editor to build KPI, alerts, statistical views.. They display areas and technologies they manage on their multi-tab dashboard. They build their own daily report or health check.


All kinds of analysis can be done simultaneously by all categories of users, using the palette of advanced network tools or interpretive visualization features. In a few clicks, b.lo™ provides comprehensive information that helps both engineering teams troubleshoot complex problems and customer care communicate with simple words.


Browse the different domains. Explore real-time and historical data side-by-side. Drill-down into the details of your Network. Mix the 4G and VOD traffic on a single graph. Visualize the TOP 10 applications on an IP Network. Aggregate Network Element from a geographical cluster in a single graph. Selected views can then be saved as a template for later health-checks or for reports.


Map-driven analysis is a powerful tool to track down a specific issue. You use the power and agility of heat-maps to view KPIs from different angles. You cross performance metrics with engineering parameters to find compliance anomalies. You visualize connection between Network element such as Hand-Over on radio network. Maps can then be leveraged to better communicate inside or outside the organization.


Whatever the technologies, the engineering team uses same powerful detection engines to spot network device or service anomalies: Outlier feature spots and prioritizes the Network Elements out of your quality standard; Baseline detects abnormal behavior based on 3 weeks profiling, for network operation qualification; Slow drift feature detects slow drift on the long run based on annual profiling and business rule.


b.lo embeds statistical features to help engineering and marketing team building the network capacity planning. It includes standard functions (peak time, quartile) and a non-linear regression algorithm targeted at long-term prediction of traffic. For each part of the Networks, you can easily spot future point of congestion. As subscribers’ appetite for broadband grows rapidly, you gain anticipation in your investment decisions and maximize the use of your Networks.


The high-performance and robust memory management of .lo platforms open new opportunities for advanced data processing and progressive automation.


The increasing complexity of radio Networks (mix of 2G, 3G and 4G), added to the necessity of cost reduction, is a tough challenge to solve for the operators when it comes to neighbors optimization. Based on real handover flows, on the OMC parameters and optionally on the simulated radio coverage or drive tests results, b.lo™ ANR can detect missing and useless neighbors. After user validation, the optimized relationships can be directly injected in the vendors OMCs.


Because typical snmp monitoring techniques are rarely sufficient to ensure consistency across an IP network infrastructure, b.lo™ includes an advanced Health Check module. Its scalability and capability allows network experts to easily design advanced algorithms to scan and control the hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment in their networks.

When a setup inconsistency is reported or single point of failure is detected, a check sequence can be imported or designed in a few minutes. The entire network can then be scanned before the problem impacts service levels.


Performance management is a matter of expertise, reactivity and regularity. A specific Report Studio helps operator teams improve their efficiency and calls for decisions throughout the day, the week or the month by easing and structuring communication within their organization and across their ecosystem.


The Report studio highly visual design makes the creation of operational dashboards and the publication of reports incredibly easy. It turns multi domain information, objects (graph, TOP, map, alerts,…) from the b.lo™ platform into simple configurable widgets that can easily be moved around, edited, re-dimensioned and combined. Each widget is a dynamic object that can be automatically updated with refreshed data if desired.


Once complete, a report can be declared as a “template”, edited by a non-specialist to perform on the fly health-check or to schedule automatic e-mailings for weekly reporting.

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