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jBilling's mission is to provide a robust, secure, open source alternative for enterprise billing. With our world-class service team, we help companies all over the world deploy and maintain billing solutions to meet their business needs.

Product description

Cutting Edge Cloud Technology for Billing



Reduce operational costs through a hosted billing platform built on the latest technology.

Run complex, telecom billing that demands both flexibility and scalability without any infrastructure. jBilling lets you take full advantage of the cloud using the latest technology and allowing you to dynamically allocate computing resources to get the job done quickly, no matter the size.


  • Fast and simple to roll-out with automatic upgrades to the latest version.
  • Reduce costs and focus on business, not billing infrastructure.
  • Easily scale and you grow your customer base.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Take control over your pricing strategies and product catalogs. Quickly add new products at the best possible price and stay ahead of customer demand.  

  • Quickly add plans, complex products and services.
  • Optimize customer acquisition through targeted promotions, discounts, and bundles.
  • Remove the billing system as a bottleneck for product innovation.

Consolidate Billing into a Single Platform

jBilling is designed to help reduce the headache of multiple billing platforms. jBilling can be used to replace a patchwork of billing systems or as an addition to your current system, helping your business move into the 21st century. jBilling's next generation platform has both the flexibility and features required for your to consolidate your billing requirements.

Flexible Architecture 

Extend jBilling by creating new plug-ins to address your business needs.

Large Volume CDR Processing

Fast and powerful CDR processing using cloud computing


  • Easily scale CDR processing using parallel processing.
  • Cloud computing allows for dynamic allocations of more virtual servers (as needed).



Grow and manage millions of customers and CDRs.

Growth of your customer base translates to pressure for many backend systems, especially billing. jBilling addresses this issue allowing your customer base to grow without the bottleneck of a legacy billing system.


Fully API Addressable

Integrate with your core systems with jBilling's full API addressability. jBilling exposes all of its technology via APIs, allowing you to take full advantage of the capabilities and integrations with your core systems.

Complex Pricing, Simplified

Pricing is bound to be complicated for telecom products.  With jBilling, you benefit from pricing models that can be assigned to any product, or plan, easily from the UI. jBilling supports all complex pricing scenarios, volume, tiered, pre-paid, postpaid, rate cars, etc. and takes the technical complexity out of it, allowing anyone to setup, modify and maintain pricing for all products.

Plans and Bundles

Let marketing get creative with plans, bundles and add-ons. Don't let billing inhibit your growth, target new customers through offering the best products, prices, and bundles today. 

  • Create new plans, bundles, and pricing strategies in minutes.
  • Easily discount specific products.
  • Create service tiers and account types.
  • Configure add-ons for your plans.


Customers might want to buy the same product in different ways. For example, residential and business customers have different plans, rate cards and even different invoice layouts. With jBilling, you can group and categorize your accounts so you can easily tailor your product catalog across customer segments.


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