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Mi-Corporation.  Our mobile solutions support the use of Windows 10 Tablets, Digital Pen, iPads, Android Slates, and other mobile devices across diverse industries.  Organizations like Transport for London, Eli Lilly, Lightower Fiber Networks, the NC Department of Agriculture, the United Nations, The US Dept. of Transportation, and many others use Mi-Corporation mobile forms, enterprise app development, and reporting products.

Product description


Optimize Your Data Collection Processes

Swap your outdated paper forms processes for a true enterprise-class mobile forms software solution. Mi-Corporation's Mi-Forms platform is the most robust, secure and customizable mobile forms solution in the industry and has proven to quicken business cycles, increase business revenues and drive productivity, efficiency and data accuracy


Mi-Enterprise Middleware

Flexible Data Collection Solutions Expertly Integrate Enterprise-Level Data

With Mi-Enterprise Middleware, you can quickly and easily create mobile apps for your enterprise to use on mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, digital pens, and laptops. Packed with the features critical to your business, your app is interactive and easy to use, and you’ll be able to collect data online & offline.

With support for voice recognition, text input, pick lists, time stamps, photo capture, handwriting interpretation, and GPS, you can quickly build a fast, flexible mobile app solution tailored to your requirements.

Mi-Enerprise Middleware features:

Multiple Input Technology

Mi-Enterprise Middleware enables enterprises to create and deploy apps for employees to capture and report on data in ways that best suit the organization.


Top-Notch Security



With Mi-Analytics, understanding your data just got a whole lot easier:

  • Monitor your field personnel’s inspections, jobs & performance; see where they were done, how long it took, sort them by facility and more
  • Measure QA/QC defects and drive business insights that can improve work force productivity
  • Provide executives a quick glance at the health of your critical operations & business data



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