Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility


Our products enable enterprises to secure their files wherever they are against widespread threats, and to facilitate collaboration while protecting files wherever they go.


Product description

WatchDox, now part of BlackBerry, makes files secure and users productive. Our products enable enterprises to secure their files wherever they are against widespread threats, and to facilitate collaboration while protecting files wherever they go.

Available as SaaS, a virtual appliance or a hybrid, WatchDox provides a single pane of glass to work with personal and enterprise content, uniquely combining consumer-style app interfaces with security to suit any enterprise use case.

Over 150 of the Fortune 1000, including the largest civilian federal agencies, 6 of the top 12 private equity firms and most of the 6 major Hollywood studios, depend on WatchDox.

When enterprises have a need for a robust enterprise mobility management solution, they implement WatchDox – the most secure enterprise file sync and share solution. WatchDox takes the complexity and risk out of implementing an integrated enterprise mobility process. WatchDox’s enterprise mobility technology has enabled more businesses to be more productive globally than any other solution. The world’s largest enterprises choose WatchDox as part of their enterprise mobility strategy because WatchDox was developed to secure enterprise content in a more mobile-centric world of modern IT. With WatchDox, enterprise employees from business development, sales, legal, and marketing teams can do what they do best from anywhere, at anytime, all at once.

Seamless Mobile Collaboration

From Asia to Europe, employees, customers, and partners are increasingly conducting business from their mobile devices. WatchDox empowers these users to be more productive and mobile by allowing them to collaborate and access their content from anywhere and from any device. Team members can securely collaborate and access critical files at moment’s notice without disrupting their workflow.

Enterprise Mobility Security

For IT teams, protecting data when it travels beyond sanctioned devices can be challenging. Once a file is shared and downloaded outside the enterprise, IT managers have little control over where that content ends up.

Only WatchDox delivers a fully integrated, secure enterprise mobility solution to protect sensitive business files, without forcing you to rely on insecure plugins or 3rd-party apps. File uploaded to WatchDox through our mobile app is synced and secured across all devices automatically, so you can share and work with content on-the-go. Advanced security is embedded into the files directly – keeping you productive everywhere, at any time, across any device.

With WatchDox, mobile content is fully secured with end-to-end file encryption, so IT has full control and administration over every file and document being shared.

Device-Agnostic Mobile Security

Mobile content is fully secured with end-to-end file encryption. We don’t care what device or what operating system you’re accessing your content from, your data is protected no matter where they go. Our file security technology is a next-generation document-centric file protection system that embeds proprietary encryption algorithm directly into the documents themselves – so security mobile and travels with your content.

Unlike traditional file sharing and sync solution, WatchDox support enterprise mobility initiatives with:

  • Comprehensive document tracking and auditing tools to give IT managers visibility and restrict access to documents and files; even after they have been downloaded
  • End-to-end encryption: Built with security first, all enterprise content stored within WatchDox automatically have security built into it. So, security travels with your data.
  • Secure content collaboration: With WatchDox, remote teams and users can securely share and collaborate together on files without worrying about data leaks.
  • Flexible deployment options. WatchDox is available as a cloud-base

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