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At nuVizz, we live and breathe mobile business software solutions. We uniquely combine deep core process experience with mobile strategy and execution expertise. Our mobile consulting team (mTeam) includes seasoned veterans with decades of experience in ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, and Logistics. A key component of mWork is our all-in-one mobile platform called mCore which we provide to our customers at no additional cost. mCore offers a complementary toolkit that:

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Our consultants will not only provide you with guidance on your enterprise mobile journey based on their successful experiences, but they come equipped with the tools to accelerate the journey and minimize the costs. These tools include:

Mobile App Portfolio – mBizz  nuVizz Mobile Apps Portfolio (mBizz) includes a number of functionally rich, innovative and ready-to-use mobile products offered as SaaS in our cloud.

At nuVizz, our mobile business applications (mBizz) portfolio is designed to meet business needs across the enterprise. We provide reusable business apps as well as app components. Let us partner with you to develop commercial-grade SaaS applications that allow you to take advantage of out-of-the-box capabilities.


DeliverIt, built on our Enterprise Mobile Platform (mCore), is a next generation mobile solution for managing shipment activity, dispatch management, delivery automation, shipment tracking and electronic proof of delivery. DeliverIt completely automates the end-to-end shipment process from TMS planned loads and routes to assignment, tracking and execution. Reduce your cost of doing business and improve efficiencies

Time Study

The Time Study App was developed to analyze time and motion to create engineered labor standards. The application is flexible and can be applied to studies across multiple industries and vertical


EMPower is an Enterprise Mobile applications shell that houses all of the enterprise mobile apps controlled by a single authentication and role based access. Reduce mobile app development effort, reduce time to market and accelerate mobile adoption within your enterprise.

HOS eLog

Hours of Service (HOS) eLog is a mobile app that improves driver accuracy and reduces cost of your fleet by providing drivers with an electronic logging system. eHOS provides GPS tracking of drivers and GPS and GEO activity time stamps for better visibility and tracking across your fleet.




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