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Get your website ranked in search engines like Google and outrank your competitors without the risk of being burned by outdated, risky SEO techniques. Hughes Media specializes in improving search rankings for eCommerce and B2B companies and the SEO team understands how to use search engines like Google to move the needle.

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Here are just some ways we help improve your search presence:

Technical issues:

Parts of your site may already be broken and causing barriers to your search presence. A technical website audit will reveal any issues in your code or website architecture that are holding back your success in search engines. In some cases, a full website redesign may be necessary.

Content issues:

Do you know how to identify the keywords that searchers are using when they're shopping as opposed to simply looking for information? The existing content on your website should be updated to make sure that you're targeting the keywords and phrases that users search for when they're shopping for your particular products or services.

Getting quality links:

Links from high-quality, reputable websites is one of the key factors in SEO. Did you know that Google ignores the majority of links on the internet? You also need to know what to look for in a website's code to make sure that your links are being counted by search engines like Bing and Google. Building links from key websites will help boost your site into the top rankings in your area.

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