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Mobile apps have become an important part of our daily lives from checking weather when you wake up to ordering pizza when you're hungry (and lazy!). There is almost nothing that you want to do that doesnt have an app for it.The importance of mobile apps can be gauged by the fact that lack and abundance of it can lead to rise and fall of mobile operating systems that have been around for decades.The apps are very critical to success of a business, nowadays apps are as important as having a website because handheld devices now have a wider outreach. Having an app is a convenience to both the business and the customer (Everybody wins!) Exhibit A, it takes less than 2 minutes to book a movie ticket. Apps can do so much more than a website and is a great means of advertising new things about your business through features like push notifications, which in this age of Ā“Information at a glanceĀ” is so effective.This is where we come in, we build beautiful apps with an amazing user experience (UX) alligned with your business to help it grow and have a wider audience. We specialize in both iOS and Android apps.A recent study published by Reuters, showed that China has more people online from a handheld device than a PC. If this is the sign of things to come then businesses that dont have apps are at a great disadvantage.
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Avneesh Kumar
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