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SMS Matrix is a cloud communications company based in New York, NY.  SMS Matrix Mobile Messaging system allows business users to programmatically make and receive SMS, Voice, or TTS messages using it's web based cloud service or via powerful APIs / Gateway. Unlimited Grouping, virtual phone number for 2-way messaging service gained huge market in the industry since 2010.

Product description

Cloud web based Mobile messaging system  Group Messaging: SMS, Voice Broadcasting, Text-to-Speech (TTS)

  • Send SMS messages - 1 or 2 Way
  • Virtual Mobile Numbers in US/CAN - receive SMS or Calls
  • Send Voice messages - capture response
  • Send Text-to-Speech messages
  • Send Appointment Reminders - get confirmations
  • SMS Gateway - SMS/Voice/TTS HTTP API
  • Send messages via SMTP/Email Gateway
  • Worldwide coverage for SMS,Voice,TTS

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