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Respond via IT forensics appropriately and effectively to malware infection, hacker attack, fraud, data theft and other criminal or unwanted digital activities with the support of Oneconsult's certified digital forensics experts. Be prepared by IT forensic readiness.

Product description

IT forensics - the adequate reaction to unwanted digital activities

The task of IT forensics also known as digital forensics is to investigate material on digital devices and to find answers to the questions: who did what, when, where and why (how).

Examples of incidents which may trigger IT forensic investigations are: APT, Malware infection, hacker attacks, data theft, data leakage, fraud, mobbing, intentional deletion of data, possession and provision of digital media with illegal content, etc.

The digital forensic investigation needs to be carried out thoughtfully to avoid that potential legal evidence is irreversibly destroyed or will be rejected in court. IT forensic analyses may be very complex and depend on expert know-how, as well as specialized soft- and hardware, in order to be able to meet legal requirements. Thus, Oneconsult has highly qualified and certified IT forensics experts and a well-equipped digital forensics lab.

We also support you regarding preventive IT forensics measures.


Digital Forensic Investigation

Once an incident has happened that requires digital forensic investigation, a fast and effective reaction is of paramount importance.

Our IT forensic investigation services cover the following specializations:

  • Computer forensics: Servers, clients (PCs and notebooks), peripheral devices
  • Network forensics: Network components (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.)
  • Mobile forensics: Smartphones, tablets, PDAs, cell phones

We will provide detailed, reproducible forensic analysis and documentation which can be used in court and ensures absolute data integrity and a complete documentation.


IT Forensic Readiness

IT forensic readiness (also known as digital forensic readiness) makes sure you are prepared for a digital forensic related incident by guidelines, procedures and further organizational and technical measures.

A digital forensics guideline describes the processes, roles and responsibilities, tools and measures to be prepared in case a digital investigation is required.


About Oneconsult

Oneconsult AG is an internationally operating Swiss cyber security consulting company with offices in Switzerland and Germany, a customer base of 250+ organizations and 1000+ completed security projects worldwide. We are your trustworthy partner for a holistic cyber security approach against external and internal threats such as APT, hacker attacks, malware infection, digital fraud and data leakage. Our core services are penetration tests, ISO 27001 security audits and IT forensics. To protect your organization and mitigate specific information security risks, Oneconsult also offers practical security consulting, security training and virtual security officer services. We have dedicated IT security researchers and a large team of certified penetration testers (OPST, OSCP, etc.), digital forensics experts (GCFE) and ISO security auditors (ISO 27001 Lead Auditor).

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