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Security Camera Warehouse - the Right Choice for your Video Surveillance System

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Security Camera Warehouse - the Right Choice for your Video Surveillance System

High Quality Components Produce High Quality Results

Inside our cameras and recorders are components from major American Brands.

We use Intel and Texas Instrument Davinci processors in the NVRs; Texas Instruments and Ambarella processors in the cameras. On our lower end cameras, we have Sony lenses, the higher quality cameras have Aptina Lenses. We always use surveillance grade hard drives, usually the Western Digital Purple Line.

We often get asked why our cameras look so much better than other brands - even with similar specs.

The difference is that you can trust these components to perform according to their specs. Other than Aptina, who is privately held in San Jose, CA, all our major components are made by brands traded on a major US stock exchange: Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), Texas Instrument (NASDAQ: TXN), Ambarella (NASDAQ: AMBA), Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC), and Sony (NYSE: SNE). With no-name knock-off parts, you often need to lower the bitrate of the video file feed or highly compress the images to get the same resolution and framerate.

The Wasp Pro 2.0 43220 - 1080P 2MP Fixed Lens Mini Bullet Camera



The Guardian Pro 2.0 41220 - 1080P 2MP 3 Axis Fixed Lens Dome Camera

The Zenith Pro 1.3 45213

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