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Our mission is to empower everyone to own their identity online. We build a secure standard of identity for businesses to replace passwords, allowing users to have an authentic and personal relationship with the technology they use. Our core values guide our strategies and individual actions so that we create a company whose character is as radical as its product.  Clef is secure two-factor — built for consumers.  Easy to use, integrate, and pay for.

Product description

Clef is secure two-factor — built for consumers.

Easy to use, integrate, and pay for.

Seamlessly secure

Focus on your product, we'll handle the security.

Beautifully usable

A magical new two-factor experience. 

Simply affordable

Reliable 2FA, without expensive text messages.


Two-factor from the future

Unlike password-based solutions like Google Authenticator, Clef is two-factor that users love. With just a wave of their phone, they're logged in to your site — it feels like magic.

Keep your users

Adding Clef to your site increases registration conversion by an average of 30% and eliminates forgotten passwords, making your users 45% more likely to return.

Secured with Touch ID

Every time a user logs in, they will be uniquely identified with their fingerprint using Apple's Touch ID technology. With secure biometrics, you can trust that your users are who they say they are.

If a user's device doesn't support Touch ID, Clef securely falls back to a PIN on the device — there's always a second-factor.


Time-tested security

Clef runs on an RSA public-key architecture, technology that developers have been using to secure their logins for years. We let the phone handle the hard cryptography and give your users an experience they'll love.

Fraud detection & monitoring

We use location, usage, and hardware data to make sure every authentication is genuine. With each user tied uniquely to a phone, Clef protects your site from fraud and abuse. With our security team handling threats, you'll have more time to focus on product.



True Logins stops phishing

True Logins adds a simple check when your users log into a new computer. After they sync the Wave, Clef temporarily redirects them to a safe site and asks a simple question to confirm they're in the right place.

The process is seamless for users, but keeps them safe from phishing. If anything is suspicious, Clef cancels the login and sends them to a safe page to log in.

Log out from anywhere

With Clef, users can log out of their computer browsing session from anywhere in the world. With a single tap of the logout button on their mobile device, they'll be logged out of your website.

Built for the world

Clef is already internationalized in 10+ languages and we have more on the way. No matter where your users are in the world, they'll get a hand-crafted experience for their location.

Somewhere else? Shoot us an email and we'll work with our team of language specialists to make it happen.

iOS & Android

We've built native apps for the best mobile platforms in the world. On both iOS and Android, your users will enjoy a beautiful experience hand-crafted for their operating system.



Free to Try, Easy to Integrate

Clef is free to use up to 10,000 logins per month. For extra features like distributed authentication you’ll still pay less than any other two-factor authentication.

Super simple integration.

Two-factor has been on your timeline for months, but you can never spare the developer time. With Clef, you can be up and running with the best two-factor in the world in less than a day.

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