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The SkyFormation solution got you covered, enriching your SIEM system (e.g., Arcsight, Splunk) with necessary cloud application security intelligence and activities data.

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Unified Events

SkyFormation Universal connector transforms events from various cloud applications and transforms them into unified structures. We invest time in unifying the events so the organization security experts will be able to incorporate new applications into their security schema with minimum effort.

Non Intrusive 

SkyFormation is based on agentless architecture. Unlike inline-based solutions (proxy/gateway) that intercept the entire communication between users to the cloud application, SkyFormation uses the cloud application API to perform its tasks.


SkyFormation is designed to work with your existing security and IT systems, such as SIEM, Active Directory and Cloud Controller, leverage their potential to address your cloud security needs.

extending your SIEM to cloud applications

Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems play a major role in identifying security threats to the business assets including its business applications.

However, cloud applications are mostly blind spots in SIEM deployments, removing SIEMs’ ability to provide threats intelligence for cloud applications, which they provide for on-premises applications.

The SkyFormation solution got you covered, enriching your SIEM system (e.g., Arcsight, Splunk) with necessary cloud application security intelligence and activities data.

SkyFormation Modules


Stay on top of your shadow IT adoption and risks


Do you want to know the cloud applications used by your organization employees? SkyFormation Discovery will show you which cloud services are being used, who is using them and additional useful information.


  • Discover the cloud applications in use and their usage trends

  • Identify who is using each application

  • See each cloud applications' enterprise security-readiness score

  • Allow comparison of similar cloud applications 

  • Identify new application adoption as soon as it happens


SkyFormation uses log files from firewalls, proxies and Active Directory or integrates with your Splunk system.  Your Shadow IT will become visible in just a few minutes of SkyFormation Discovery setup!



Know your cloud application users and data exposure


Do you need an overview of your admins across cloud applications? A list of publicly exposed data? SkyFormation Protect provides you clear visibility into your cloud applications - Easily locate admins, dormant users and public data.


Use SkyFormation dashboard to go over cloud application users, locate admins, exposed data and more. SkyFormation provides a central point of data to allow tidying up your cloud activity.

  • Data sharing

  • Permissions and entitlements

  • Security controls and configuration

  • High privilege accounts

  • User access


SkyFormation collects the data across all of the business application used by your organization by various methods, providing a clear, visible view of the data.



Cover the cloud with your existing security tools


SkyFormation helped you learn about your cloud apps, users and data, but how can you govern it? SkyFormation Extend employs a Universal Connector to collect security-related events from your cloud applications and transform them to your SIEM\SoC security tools.


SkyFormation Extend Universal Connector collects security related events to provide uniform, meaningful and actionable events to any of your existing security tools (SIEM, Splunk, Log aggregators and security analytics) Zoom into business cloud applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and Box to continuously analyze their data security and compliance threats.


SkyFormation employs different technologies to collect that data from cloud applications, sparing you the need to learn different APIs and each application internal business logic. Our Universal Collector can receive raw data across different applications and output meaningful uniform output so the security team can easily understand what happened and act upon it.

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