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Mobile App Management Solution


App47 Mobile Application Management encompasses the complete application lifecycle, making it the fastest, most secure solution for application deployment, management and analysis for any enterprise ready to go mobile.

Product description

It’s understood: In the enterprise, the ability to access company data, collaborate with peers, and keep ahead of performance expectations is possible thanks to the mobile apps running on that smartphone in your shirt pocket or tablet tucked under your arm.

Whether the focus is engaging customers or empowering employees, the enterprise has built tens of thousands of specialized mobile apps that improve productivity, boost performance, and drive profit.

The enterprise has also learned that building a mobile app is just the beginning. Maximizing mobile app impact means managing the entire mobile application lifecycle, from initial deployment and ongoing analytics, to upgrade delivery and security reassurance.

Enterprise Mobility Demands Mobile Application Management (MAM)

MAM means ultra-simplified deployment thanks to a fully customizable enterprise app store. Mobile application management provides fast distribution, whether of approved public apps or privately developed apps, throughout your organization. And that’s only the beginning.

Once deployed, you retain the control to update app content on-the-fly or restrict access if an employee’s status changes. In addition, you have full visibility into the app store, app usage, and performance via a detail-rich mobile analytics dashboard.

The result:

  1. Welcome multiplatform compatibility
  2. Truly secure distribution and testing
  3. Accurate usage tracking
  4. Easy update delivery
  5. Fast crash resolution
  6. Capture of ultra-granular performance metrics

This creates the clearest possible picture of any app’s organizational impact, allowing you to address BYOD concerns, encourage app enculturation, and determine real ROI.

What is MAM?

There are currently no industry best practice standards or benchmarks defined for mobile application management. Wikipedia’s definition of Mobile Application Management is a brief attempt at capturing the required features buyers should seek when evaluating MAM vendors. We have our own view of the required features that should be provided in application management, but we definitely agree on one point: MAM is not simply a bolt on feature for MDM vendors.

Our advice:

  • If you see MAM listed as a feature when evaluating an MDM vendor, compare their offering to that of a dedicated MAM vendor. You’ll find that no MDM can provide the level of user behavior, analytics, or control at the app level than App47.
  • If a MAM vendor simply lists a customizable app store as its MAM capability, look deeper because deployment is just the first step. Similar to launching a website, once the app is out in the hands of users, you’ll want to make sure you have full visibility into performance, usage, user experience, crash reports and more to make sure you can proactively optimize the user experience as well as report on the ROI.

We’re in a world of untethered capability offering unprecedented control and convenience. We’ve revolutionized how we interact with consumers, collaborate with co-workers, and manage relationships with partners and vendors. That makes intelligent mobile application management essential.

MAM is the means to true enterprise mobility.

App47 is the means to MAM.

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