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UK manufacturer of high quality voice alarm & emergency voice communication systems

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Baldwin Boxall - About Us - manufacturer of life safety sound systems

UK manufacturer of high quality voice alarm & emergency voice communication systems

Baldwin Boxall was formed by four Directors – Terry & Patricia Baldwin and Dave & Dawn Boxall – in 1982 in a shed at the bottom of Terry’s garden. Since then, the company has grown steadily and strongly and has remained an independent organisation.

The Directors – Terry Baldwin, Patricia Baldwin, Nick Baldwin, Dave Boxall, Neil Jarvis, Bob Schulz & Neil Williams – and staff – are all committed to retain the company’s reputation as one that cares.

With R&D, sales, projects, specials, assembly, test, quality, packing and despatch teams all based on the one site in Crowborough, we are able to work efficiently and effectively. We are a knowledgeable staff working together as one team.

Our products have been installed in many prestigious sites and worldwide. We also know, from telephone calls to our after-sales help desk, that some of our early systems are still in use today.

Core products include voice alarm systems (also known as voice evacuation systems, VACIE), public address systems, microphones and Emergency Voice Communication (or EVC) systems. EVC systems consists of: fire telephones, disabled refuge and roaming telephones. We are also a supplier of disabled toilet alarm and nurse call systems. Commissioning and maintenance services are also provided.

The VIGIL2 BS EN54 certified voice alarm system

A voice alarm (VA) system (sometimes referred to as a 'voice evacuation' system)  enables phased evacuation from a building (or area) during an emergency such as a fire.

The voice alarm system uses pre-recorded messages and/or live announcements to inform and evacuate people effectively during a fire or other life-threatening emergency. Research has proved that this is a far more effective method of evacuation than traditional bells or sounders.

For every day use, a voice alarm system can also used as a feature-rich public address (PA) system, background music broadcast to selected (or all) areas, broadcast of advertisements or other timed messages, and more.

(Voice alarm is referred to in BS5839-8 as 'VACIE').

Our VIGIL2 voice alarm products are BS EN 54-16:2008 certified.


What is voice alarm / voice evacuation / VACIE?


DSP routers and slaves VIGIL EVAS range.


Amplifiers Class D power amplifiers.


Power supplies Employing switch mode technology.


VIGIL Eclipse Wall-mountable, stand-alone system.



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