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Mercury Development has four offices and 150 employees; more than 140 of them directly involved in software development.

Product description

Developing for the cloud isn’t just a buzz phrase. Today, it’s a critical part of IT strategy. Mercury Development has taken advantage of this technology for several years. In fact, one of our clients has maintained a dedicated team of Mercury Development staff to its first SaaS, and then to its hybrid cloud application, since 2002. So, yeah, we know what we’re doing. Do you want a scalable business application built on clouds like AWS and Azure? Does your startup require cloud implementation quickly and at a low cost? Cloud strategy demands the right partner, which is why you need Mercury Development.  

Areas of Expertise

  • Scalable Backends for Mobile Apps - We deliver complete IT strategies that incorporate the latest in cloud technology for mobile environments.   
  • Niche Social Networks - Stay ahead of the curve by creating solutions that build on the demand for flourishing social systems.
  • High Load Business Apps - We specialize in optimizing existing resources and developing revolutionary new approaches to maximize value.


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Joshua Greenman
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Mercury Development