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With Trusted Login, an out-of-band 2-FA, we offer a mobile app that facilitates reliable and convenient authentication with your applications. It is so safe and yet so easy to use – your users will love it!

Product description

Trusted Login

The mobile 2-factor authentication app for your applications

Trusted Login

Do you still use One-Time-Password (OTP) to ensure the safe authentication with your applications?

With Trusted Login, an out-of-band 2-FA, we offer a mobile app that facilitates reliable and convenient authentication with your applications. It is so safe and yet so easy to use – your users will love it!

What is Trusted Login?

It’s an out-of-band 2-FA for Smartphones.

Most commonly, authentication is based on using passwords. More reliability is provided by the one-time password technology (OTP). Trusted Login enables your users to use a solidified mobile Smartphone app (Trusted App) for authentication with your services. Each authentication inquiry will be transmitted to the user along with a request for approval.  The user verifies the authentication inquiry and can then approve authentication with just one click. Only the user who owns the Smartphone, the right app and the related PIN will thus be able to approve inquires.

Being extended by a feature that allows for photographing the login processes via QR code, the log-in is simplified significantly. In this case, all the user has to do is to scan a QR code provided on the website. This QR code contains the session ID and can implement the authentication right after its identity has been verified by the app. Just take a photo and get started. Authentication has never been this simple before – while at the same time the security level is being increased.

Moreover, Trusted Login is more convenient for the user: processes that require one-time passwords – which need to be taken from a token or read from an app and then are to be manually entered into the actual application – are spared. All it takes to complete authentication is pressing the approval button provided by the app.

Trusted Login meets the highest security standards. Combined with our Smart Security Management Server (SSMS) in the backend, you may connect your applications via SOAP interfaces and protect them by the Trusted Login app.

How will I benefit from Trusted Login?

  • No need to enter codes manually (no media discontinuity)
  • The app is PIN-protected (learn more about Trusted App’s security features)
  • Extendable by the QR code scan authentication function for maximum user comfort
  • Define your own messages for inquires your users will easily understand
  • All authentication processes are signed traceably thanks to digital signatures
  • No need to pay SMS fees to providers
  • One time passwords are a thing of the past
  • Permanent online security checks for each transaction
  • Authentication is related to user, device and app. Triple security for maximum protection.
  • Authentication of your app to protect the actual authentication process from any attacks by manipulated apps
  • Can be fully integrated with your applications via SOAP in the backend

How to use Trusted Login

Today’s mobile world provides numerous options for using Smartphones. Trusted Login allows you to make your Smartphone an authentication token – even if it is not a proprietary device.  Replace your existing authentication processes by the Trusted Login app and improve reliability and user comfort both at the same time.


  • Secure websites and/or applications with Trusted Login by providing users with app.  You can thus ensure only authorized users access your applications with real (no FAKE) apps.
  • Use the Trusted-Login authentication to realize implementations that are triggered by third parties but require your approval (dual-control principle)
  • Replace existing authentication approaches like one-time passwords or traditional steady passwords by the Trusted Login app to increase the security level instantly.
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