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The CyberFlow Analytics FlowScape™ system is a network behavioral security monitoring solution for securing both large enterprises and the Industrial Internet of Things (e.g. Smart Cities, Smart Factories, Smart Buildings).

Product description

CyberFlow Analytics FlowScape™

The CyberFlow Analytics FlowScape™ system is a network behavioral security monitoring solution for securing both large enterprises and the Industrial Internet of Things (e.g. Smart Cities, Smart Factories, Smart Buildings). FlowScape key features are:

  • Behavior Analytics high-risk anomaly detection
  • Connects to network core via passive Span or Network TAP
  • Completely virtualized:Virtual Appliance/VMs and Docker Containers
  • Multi-model SOM analytics and flow fusion with policy
  • Advanced visualization

FlowScape Solution Offerings

The FlowScape system is offered under a SaaS subscription. Initial systems include the FlowScape backend analytics system and one FlowScape sensor. Customers can purchase additional FlowScape sensor licenses to expand their monitoring footprint. Special site licenses are available for large enterprise deployments and discount programs are available for smart cities and universities. CyberFlow only sells software licenses, all hardware and virtualized infrastructure is provided by the customer or our channel of MSSP resellers.

  • FlowScape Enterprise Edition – Includes FlowScape system software for enterprises and industrial Internet of Things customers with large networks greater than 10,000 IP addresses. All FlowScape versions run on VMware Virtual Machines (VMs) and Docker Containers. The system is horizontally scalable and can be sized to monitor the core choke points and distribution points across your campus or data center networks. Custom FlowScape analytics tuning/training and unique policy system customization is available with the FlowScape enterprise edition through our channel of MSSP partners (however the FlowScape system provides value on day one without any special configuration, customization or special tuning services). All FlowScape data stores can be accessed by customers who desire to use other business intelligence tools to further analyze security analytics data.
  • FlowScape Advanced Edition – Designed for small to medium sized network deployments under 10,000 IPs and enables a very cost efficient use of infrastructure resources for big data streaming analytics. This version of FlowScape also runs in VMs and Docker containers for real-time anomaly detection on a single server running VMware ESXi software.

  The FlowScape system can be installed and operated on your own premise or alternatively in your private or public cloud infrastructure. The FlowScape system is completely virtualized and runs on Docker Containers. It installs easily and quickly with delivered OVA files on a VMWare ESXi v5.x or higher virtualized infrastructure. The FlowScape virtual appliance sensors connect to TAP or SPAN Port on your network switch. The system is installed with generic-trained IT models so that FlowScape can provide value on day one. After time the system will build up a history of network device communication behaviors and the anomalytics models can be optionally further trained and customized to deliver even greater accuracy to find anomalous behaviors in your specific network segments.    

Please request a demo and introduction to Anomalytics and the CyberFlow Analytics FlowScape system!

Smart City and University Promotional Offering

CyberFlow Analytics is pleased to offer special promotional discounts and special pilot programs for Smart Cities and Universities. Please contact us to learn more about our special promotional offers in 2015.

FlowScape Try/Buy Program

CyberFlow allows you to download the software over the Internet and trial the FlowScape system for up to 90 days on your network. Many customers detect insider risks and threats during the first week the system is installed and catch even more sophisticated attacks within the trial period. Please contact to request your free trial. A recommendation for a FlowScape starter system is a single server with VMware, CPU with eight cores, 48 GB of memory and 1 TB of disk space (recommended at least two SAS or SSD drives). Alternatively it can be deployed across you existing VMware infrastructure. Customers can pilot the software using a TAP/SPAN port on a network switch at their Internet egress point or near critical assets like guarded servers that you want to continuously monitor for high risk anomalous communications.

FlowScape MSSP/SI Channel Partners

CyberFlow Analytics delivers FlowScape through a reseller channel of global Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and Security System Integrators (SIs). Please see the CyberFlow partner page for a list of certified channel partners or contact for a recommendation in your country and vertical market.   If you are a managed service provider and want to explore becoming a certified channel partner and reseller of CyberFlow Analytics software, please contact us to explore the benefits of offering FlowScape embedded in your security service offerings. Many CyberFlow MSSP resellers incorporate FlowScape into their service offerings for Threat Assessments, Managed Security Operations Center and Proactive Incident Response.   For larger telecom, cable or wireless service providers, CyberFlow Analytics can offer a unique white label service offering for Continuous Threat Defense (CTD) to accelerate your time-to-market for security services. We have trained MSSP partners that specialize in delivery to the global service provider market and they are trained on FlowScape for the enablement and accelerated deployment of white label CTD managed security offerings. SecurView is one of our certified partners for Service Provider white label services. They have operational runbooks that are ready for deployment in service provider operations. CyberFlow and SecurView are ready to temporarily staff and provide a Transfer-Of-Information (TOI) for network behavioral security monitoring and CTD.

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