Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise Mobility Management


The Wavelink Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite is a unified solution for deploying mobility that contributes directly to your company’s operating margin.  Businesses around the globe in industries ranging from manufacturing and retail to warehousing and field-force automation rely on Wavelink mobile-application client solutions.

Product description

Avalanche Features

Manage all mobile devices in one place

From smartphones to barcode scanners, you can configure devices, deploy apps, and more from a single console. 

Manage segmented workgroups easily

Is there a change required to the picking app in the warehouse? Easily select the necessary workers and provide the updates they need to be more productive. 

Cloud or on-premise enterprise mobility management (EMM)

Choose the Avalanche deployment method that fits your business needs.

Proven in large-scale and distributed deployments

Trusted by customers and recognized by industry analysts, Avalanche can manage mission-critical distributed mobile deployments of over 100,000 mobile devices.

Gain the most from your chosen mobile device

For many device-specific clients, Avalanche lets you take advantage of everything your mobile devices and their respective operating systems have to offer.

Remote control for expedited support

Empower your support staff to take control of a device, analyze performance, and quickly return the user to full productivity.

Faster deployment of mobile apps

Avalanche automates the build process, so you can make changes to apps swiftly and deploy. 

Go live on your schedule

Schedule device updates to take place at a specific time, or push updates at the next device check-in.

Benefit from a unified mobility portfolio

Source your enterprise mobility management (EMM), mobile applications, and voice-enabling solutions from a single vendor.


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