Mobile Application Monitoring

Mobile App Monitoring
Real User Monitoring


Unlike other leading APM products, CopperEgg Real User Monitoring (RUM) integrates tightly with operations-essential tools—including deep server monitoring, synthetic website monitoring and custom application metrics—and is priced and packaged to cover entire production environments versus single development systems.

Product description

Why Application Developers Use CopperEgg

  •  Set up server monitoring in seconds
  • Integrated website monitoring for mobile application services / ports and websites
  • Monitor all components of a distributed, shared-resource application or service throughout its lifecycle, beginning in the initial deployment phase through production
  • Monitor application performance in real-time and gain insight into the source of a failure the moment it occurs
  • Receive alerts the way you want, email, Twitter DM, HipChat, SMS, Campfire

4 Essential Monitoring Capabilities in a Single Tool

CopperEgg provides four essential monitoring capabilities, giving you everything you need to identify and react to  performance issues. Understanding the complex nature of today's IT infrastructures, we include out-of-the-box and fully  customizable dashboards, alerts, and metric reports to match the requirements of your particular environment.

Server Monitoring

  • Ultra lightweight agent 
  • High-resolution monitoring
  • Process-level details (CPU, Load, Memory,  Swap, and more)
  • Historical performance trends
  • Role-based access and read only views

Amazon Cloud Monitoring

  • On-demand pricing for  elastic infrastructures
  • Performance details (EC2, RDS, EBS,  DynamoDB,  and Elasticache)
  • Historical performance trends
  • Role-based access and read only views

Website & Web App Monitoring

  • Copy/paste install
  • 15-second performance checks across 15 global test stations
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Real-user monitoring
  • Role-based access and read only views

Database Monitoring

  • Out of the box, monitor; MongoDB, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Riak, Redis, and more
  • Copy/paste install
  • Write scripts to monitor any database
  • Historical performance trends
  • Role-based access and read only views



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