Mobile Service Enablement Platform

Mobile Service Enablement Platform
Mobile Carrier



Mformation helps Network Operators  with tested, proven and global solutions for seamlessly managing an ever-changing array of mobile technologies.   Internet of Things, Carrier Solutions, MVNO Solutions, OEM Solutions, Mobile Device Management, M2M Device Management, Smart Customer Interaction, MIDAS Device Certification

Product description

Mformation¬ís Mobile Service Enablement platform provides you with tools for; detecting, configuring and provisioning all the mobile devices on your network, keeping device firmware up to date, seamlessly delivering new IMS-based services, and performing policy-based management of data traffic.  

Key Capabilities

Automated Device Detection and Configuration: Ensure that your customers can access all of their mobile services first time, every time, no matter what devices or networks they are using, through the ability to perform all tasks related to detecting, setting up, configuring and activating mobile devices of all types on your network, over the air, in real time.

Data Traffic Management: Increase available bandwidth and reduce network congestion with a precisely focused, policy-based approach to offloading all or specific types of data traffic to WiFi through an integrated or carrier policy server.

Firmware Update (FOTA): Update device firmware over the air to avoid device recalls, and keep device configuration, downloaded applications and personal data safe and secure.




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